X-Chokes™ and Mounts

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X-Chokes are replacement chokes and mounts designed to replace the existing internal or external choke, barrel nut, or accessory for your shotgun allowing you to mount the SS1C Shotgun Silencer or other XCaliber shotgun accessories. The SS1C Shotgun Silencer is the world's first choke mounted multi-gauge shotgun suppressor offered anywhere in the world. We offer a variety of chokes and mounts.

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25 KSG Mount XCALIBER FIREARMS Kel tec KSG Choke Mount

Kel tec KSG Choke Mount

Xcaliber Firearms Kel Tec KSG Mount allows you to mount your Xcaliber Firearms SS1C suppressor to your Kel Tec KSG. This is done by replacing your existing barrel nut with our mount. The mount is available in 3 constrictions: Full, Modified, and Improved Cylinder.For use with standard 1" 12 point socket. Mounts are black oxide finish engraved with constriction.

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22 AD-Saiga XCALIBER FIREARMS Saiga Adapter

Saiga Adapter

Allows the SS1C shotgun silencer to be mounted to a Saiga 12, that had factory barrel threads. This item bypasses the need for a choketube and in turn allows you to use your threaded shoptgun with a Xcaliber Firearms SS1C.




The Xcaliber Firearms X-Choke is to mount your Xcaliber Firearms SS1C Silencer to your Shotgun by replacing your choke tube with the X-Choke. The X-Choke comes comes in 3 Constrictions Full,Mod,and Improved Cylinder. The X-choke is made to fit most name brand shotguns.

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248 XCALIBER FIREARMS X-Choke Thread Protector

X-Choke Thread Protector

Thread Protector for X-Choke and other SS1C Mounts, Knurled blackened Carbon Steel